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Name:Titus Groan
Birthdate:Aug 9
Website:Carpe Wiki page
"What do I care for the symbolism of it all? What do I care if the castle's heart is sound or not? I don't want to be sound anyway! Anybody can be sound if they're always doing what they're told. I want to live! Can't you see? Oh, can't you see? I want to be myself, and become what I make myself, a person, a real live person and not a symbol anymore.'"

--Mervyn Peake, Gormenghast

Name: Titus Groan
Fandom: Gormenghast
Media: BBC TV Mini-series, with some elements of book canon
Played bymatrixrefugee
Physical description: Moderately tall and slender, with nape-of-the-neck length brown hair. Violet eyes that often have a distant look in them, as if he's dreaming of some other place he'd rather be.
Personality: Rebellious but quietly so. Can seem sulky and withdrawn, but this is a defensive tactic. Can at times seem a bit whiny and emo, but it's born from chafing at the constraints of his ritualized life.
Short biography: Titus is born at the beginning of the first book of the series, the son of Sepulchrave and Gertrude, and is an infant throughout the whole of Titus Groan (novel). He is heir to the Earldom of Gormenghast. He succeeds to the title as the seventy-seventh earl while still a child after the death of his father, but as he grows older, he develops ambivalent feelings toward his home and is torn between pride in his lineage and the desire to escape from the castle and its stifling traditions and rituals. Eventually, he leaves Gormenghast after defeating Steerpike in battle. Titus discovers a steampunk like world outside of Gormenghast where the castle and its inhabitants are unknown.

Titus' character is one of yearning for freedom and the romance of being an ordinary person without the responsibilies the Earldom and the tradition that comes with it.
Physical Abilities: Can hold his own with a knife (as long as he hasn't been spooked)
Superhuman Abilities Not applicable
Unusual or Magical Possessions: Nothing magical, as there is no magic to speak of in Gormenghast, but he will be carrying a small piece of flint from the Stones, in his pocket.
In-game canon:
Watch this space

Interests (11):

despising steerpike, freedom, fuschia groan, gormenghast, horseback riding, mr. flay, not being earl, not following ritual, quiet rebellion, the wild thing, walks in the forest
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